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Day in the Life of a Retail Manager


First Thing

Opening up your business often entails a number of key tasks before opening the front doors to customers. Depending on your routine it can involve reconciling moneys and point of sale details from the previous day, setting up electronic point of sale for the day ahead or the printing and checking of point of sale reports.

Away from the point of sale element, you may clean, carry out replenishment tasks around the store, prepare you stock area for receiving a delivery later on or plan merchandising activity for the day or week ahead. What is for sure is that whether it is point of sale based or elsewhere, the life of a retail manager is rarely the same from one day to the next.

Time To Trade

Without question the most exciting time of the day for any retail manager is the time when the store is actually trading. Whether it is customer interaction, keeping the shelves filled or putting the money in the till, there is a variety of tasks which can be carried out throughout the course of each and every day to ensure that your business’ productivity is maximized and that every single money making opportunity is capitalized on.

Using point of sale is an excellent barometer on how your business is performing throughout the day. Whether it is overall sales measures, looking at a specific product or even at the performance of individual employees, your point of sale will often give you the answers and form the basis of your planning around what action you need to take next. Managers who use their point of sale most effectively have the most profitable and productive businesses, which is no coincidence. Make the most of the visibility excellent point of sale gives to you and your business will be on the path to success sooner rather than later.

Longer Term

While the day will end, you may cash up and refer to your point of sale for final results, you can take these to move out of the day to day pattern and plan longer term. Using your point of sale to identify product and customer trends will help you plan your business activity much better and make your day altogether more productive and your business more profitable.

The key to retail management is to appreciate the day to day business, while keeping firmly in mind medium to long term goals which drive your daily activity. Point of sale can be a key component in that process.

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