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Affordable Tech: the Benefits of Renting


Are you going on a holiday and wished you had a great camera to capture those special moments? Or are you doing a presentation for work or school and need the urgent use of a laptop? Instead of going out and blowing the big bucks on the latest new gadget, you can save a ton by renting your equipment, on top of which you get a huge range of extra services and benefits.

Technological advancement

Even if you’re thinking of investing in a new piece of equipment for the long-term, technology is racing ahead and changing so rapidly in this day and age that it doesn’t make sense to fork out a huge sum of many for a machine that’ll be out of date in one to two years anyway. Instead of wasting money on constantly upgrading to keep up to date with the latest technology, it’s much more economical to rent – then you can then return the product and swap it for an upgrade when necessary.


What also makes renting a more affordable option is that there are minimum upfront expenses. Avoid the large lump-sum payment that you’d normally have to make when buying a new gadget, and instead pay small monthly rental payments – this way, you can more easily manage your monthly budget and have more to spend on that upcoming holiday or those new shoes!

Covered for loss or damage

You can also rest easy knowing then any loss, accidental damage or theft is covered, so you can enjoy peace of mind on your holiday without fear that you’re going to have to repay the price of the entire product upon returning home. What’s more is that most rental companies will also give you another item to loan if yours breaks down. This service can also include free data back-up and data transfer when you switch machines.

So whether it’s a new plasma TV for the lounge, a state of the art camcorder or camera, a desktop computer or a laptop, or even a gaming console such as a PlayStation or Xbox 360, consider renting to make your technology more affordable. Most of the time you can be approved immediately to get same day loan for those last minute emergencies.

Even if you have your heart set on purchasing, renting is a great way to try before you buy, so you can familiarize yourself with the functionality of the product and decide if it’s worth investing the money.

Lara Zilibowitz is a technology whizz who loves to get her hands on the hottest gadgets. She recommends Rentsmart for people like her who love the flexibility of hiring the latest technologies without being left with gaping holes in their wallets.

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