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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Dealer


Summary – Buying an automobile is not a regular thing; you only do it once every 5-7 years. Thus, getting the best deal from the best auto dealer is important.

When you decide to buy a new vehicle, one of the most important decisions is where to buy it from, i.e. the auto dealer. Whether you are buying a new car or a pre-owned one, it’s essential to locate a dealer who is more trustworthy and reputable, rather than facing regrets later. A dishonest auto dealer can leave a bad taste in your mouth and a hole in your pocket!

10 Tips to Ensure That You Find the Best Car Dealers

If you’ve ever opened up the local Yellow Pages or online directory listings for car dealers in your area, you’ll notice that there are more options than you thought possible. The task of sifting through all these results may seem huge, but you can simplify the process a great deal by following the tips listed below:

  1. Ask for Suggestions – If you know anyone who has purchased an automobile recently and seems happy with it, don’t hesitate to ask them which dealer they turned to.
  2. Read Reviews – This is one of the biggest advantages of the Internet, since you can check for reviews by customers who have previously bought a car from a specific dealer.
  3. Study Your Finances – In case you do not have enough money saved for an outright purchase, you will need to find a dealer who can assist you with an auto loan at the lowest cost.
  4. List Your Requirements – Rather than picking out a car on the spot, make a specific list of what kind of vehicles and features you require and find dealers who offer these.
  5. No Impulse Purchases – Dealers will try and convince you to buy cars that they make higher profits on, but don’t get swayed. If they pressure you too much, find a different dealer.
  6. Be Well-Informed – If you have done your research into the kinds of vehicles you are looking to buy, you will have the upper hand when you walk into a dealership, rather than heading in blind.
  7. Ask Questions – A good auto dealer will answer any questions you have, whether it is about the cost, add-ons like insurance or other extras.
  8. Negotiate – Whichever auto dealer you visit, stay clear about how much you can afford to and are willing to pay. You may just get a great deal if you stick to your guns!
  9. Check Their Contracts – Ask for a copy of the standard contract they offer and go over it thoroughly to ensure that you are not getting conned.
  10. Assess Their Behaviour – The best dealers will always put you at ease and assist you without seeming in too much of a hurry to seal the deal.

Like any other big purchase, buying a car requires some careful thought and planning. This is not a decision to be made lightly, since a vehicle is a rather substantial investment, not like buying a new pair of shoes or groceries for your home! It’s important to spend some time and energy on research before you choose which car to buy.

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